This Gadget Can Transform Into Anything You Need

The Droppler measures your water use. But if you need something else, you can easily transform it into a speaker, a camera, or a drone.

When it sits on your bathroom counter, a new device called Droppler measures how much water you’re using and gives real-time feedback Continue reading

Microsoft Brings Skype Closer to Unified Business Communication

UC Commander acquisition, Slack integration play into Microsoft’s overarching unified communications and collaboration (UCC) strategy.
Skype for Business--Event Zero UC Commander

Microsoft isn’t hiding its concerted effort to capture all facets of the cloud-based enterprise communication and collaboration market. Look no further than the Microsoft Cloud commercials littering NFL playoff broadcasts for the company’s simple message: your business should run on Microsoft software and services, and it should all be accessible from one place.

All Microsoft’s services run on the company’s cloud platform on the back end, soon to be rolled into the Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid cloud infrastructure, but the core value for business users is integrating all those disparate offerings—from its Skype for Business Online$2.00 at Microsoft voice over IP (VoIP) service to Office 365$69.99 at Office Depot—into a single experience for businesses. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Event Zero’s UC Commander suite is a move to make that happen sooner rather than later.

The acquisition, announced last week, will allow Microsoft to build better native management tools directly into the Office 365 administration dashboard within the Skype for Business client. The strength of the UC Commander unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platform is in diagnostic analytics, monitoring, and reporting, so in integrating the platform Microsoft will add a built-in analysis layer into Skype for Business in which users can collect and analyze call quality and other multimedia data from audio and video calls.

Skype for Business already lets users view basic call quality reports and assign Skype numbers to Office 365 users. Microsoft’s goal, according to Zig Serafin, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Engineering of Skype for Business, is to give businesses an easier way to “connect on-premises deployments they manage with Office 365 services, including hybrid deployments, provisioning of phones, and other endpoints.”

The UC Commander acquisition isn’t the only prong of Microsoft’s latest Skype-focused UCC push, though. A day after the Event Zero deal (Event Zero will continue to operate independently with its other products), Microsoft released a preview of its Skype integration for the popular collaboration tool Slack$8.00 at Slack.

Hate your cable company? Superfast, wireless Internet is coming

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-27 a las 3.49.01 p.m.A startup called Starry hopes to roll out a nationwide wireless broadband network to compete with local cable and phone companies.

A startup called Starry thinks so and intends to take the place of your cable or phone company.

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Microsoft’s Garage has developed a new iPhone app that aims to be your news feed for work

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-26 a las 5.43.25 p.m.Microsoft’s Garage internal incubator has come out with a news feed on the iPhone targetting users’ business information needs.

News Pro is a new app that allows users to connect their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts and get a feed of the top stories relevant to their interests and work experience. Continue reading

Bluetooth Wristband Alerts Caregivers About Your Kid’s Allergies

492583-the-food-allergy-defender-allerguarderThere’s a new way to protect your kids from dangerous food allergies—that is, if the company behind the technology can get some support.

AllerGuarder is a Bluetooth-based wearable that a child would wear around his or her wrist. Parents input information about a child’s food allergies in the AllerGuarder app and ask caregivers to install the app, too. They are then alerted to a child’s allergies whenever they are within 50 feet of the wearable.

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Amazon Echo can tell you movie times and NFL scores

echoNeed Super Bowl 50 predictions? Ask away.

Amazon keeps making its Echo speaker better and better. The device, powered by the retailer’s Alexa voice recognition technology, is now getting an update that allows it to give more info about movies, like which are playing at theaters near you and when, as well as other practical details. Your only job is to say audio commands such as “Alexa, what action movies are playing Friday night?” or “Alexa, tell me more about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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16 Reasons Why Everybody Should LOVE The BlackBerry Passport

dsc_4470Bored of Android? Sick iPhones? Maybe it’s time you tried something a little different –– something like the BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport. It’s a pretty weird name for a phone, but appropriately so when you consider how weird that phone is in the first place. BlackBerry’s most recent flagship launched to many raised eyebrows and quizzical looks from the tech press, but the consumer reaction was highly mixed, it’s become the definition of a “Marmite” device – people either love the thing like it’s going out of fashion, or can’t stand the sight of it. Continue reading

The Apple Watch NOW Controls 50% of Wearable Space

apple-watch-6_1Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about Apple’s wearable

The Apple Watch is the first completely new product the company has created and launched since the death of its visionary founder, Steve Jobs, in 2011. How well the watch fares may be one measure of how well Apple may be able to maintain the standards of excellence in innovation, marketing and production it achieved under Jobs. Investors are used to seeing new products, such as the iPhone and iPad, fly off the shelves as soon as they are launched. Continue reading

Microsoft Leaks Lumia Phone X

microsoftMicrosoft has leaked one of its own in-development Windows 10 handsets

We’ve heard of a number of new Windows 10 phones being rumoured but Microsoft itself has managed to surprise everyone by “accidentally” revealing a handset no-one had heard of before.

Yes “accidentally”, as in, it may actually be a gaff and someone is getting it in the neck for it, OR it could be one of those “oh look what happened, we somehow managed to let everyone see a glimpse of what we’re up to” Continue reading

Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9: The Biggest & Best Compared

screen_shot_2015-10-13_at_1.49.11_pmWhich smartphone OS is better? iOS 9 or Google’s Android Marshmallow

The last few years have seen some big changes in smartphone and tablet hardware; we’ve observed the continued decline of tablet sales, although they are still widely used by many consumers, and we’ve seen high-end phones not only introduce some interesting new advanced technologies (such as biometric scanners and QHD displays), but also a shift from the old plastic slab days into an era of refined, sleek metal and glass bodywork.

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